DSI University Alumni 
Our University Courses offer well rounded business fundamentals that will help you grow your business rapidly.  Here is what our alumni have to say:

Toni Dankowski
Cookie Lee Jewelry

I am a student in the DSI Freshman class this semester, and it is the best investment I have ever made in my business. I have been in direct sales for 7 1/2 years and have received training from my company. The training I have received from DSI has not only transformed my business but myself as a person, and that is PRICELESS. You will walk away with an ah-ha moment from every class. So if you are on the fence, don't be afraid to take the plunge, it will be worth every penny and more.

Mindy Giambalvo
Origami Owl Cus
tom Jewelry

I was familiar with Michelle due her to her role in Sales and Training at Origami Owl.  When I saw that Michelle was offering the DSI UNIVERSTY CLASSES, I jumped at the chance.  Who better to learn from, than a woman who has done it and done it extremely well?   Every word that comes out of her mouth is relevant. She packs her sessions with such great stuff that you will want to take notes so you can refer back at a later time! She will be your cheerleader, your accountability partner and most importantly your guide through what can be a jungle of sorts.  My team has grown by 46 in the last 30 days!!!! It was so cool that I could actually apply what I learned and see the results quickly. No matter how long you've been with DS or how many people you have on your team there is a plethora of info that you can receive from Michelle that will change the way you do business and what you are getting out of your business!


 Kristen Stormes
 Damsel In Defense
 The Freshman Class offered by the Direct Sales Institute and Michelle Archer is one of the greatest things I have done  for my business.  As a field leader in the industry, Michelle has first hand knowledge of the challenges that come with  owning a direct sales business, and she offers direct, insightful advice on overcoming those challenges.  Armed with a  new skill set, my business has seen rapid growth.  My team is growing and I am breaking my own sales records.    Barriers are coming down and I am soaring!  If you are new to direct selling, need a refresher course or are struggling with your business - DON'T WAIT!  Sign up for the next semester.  Thank you Michelle!

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