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  • 01 Jul 2016 9:17 AM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    {Summer Sales Tip Series}
    If you are having trouble selling on Facebook, then STOP IT! Seek to build real connections. People buy on trust. Without the most basic of relationships, there is no trust. You become someone trying to sell them something.  Leading with that destroys any prospect of building a relationship.  

    Stay tuned for more!
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  • 10 May 2016 4:41 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    Are you heading for more than May flowers?

    April showers bring more than May flowers in direct selling.  A well run April campaign brings May momentum. Whether you are a field consultant or a company, a strong May is essential to navigate the tricky Summer months.  The momentum from a robust May will help to carry you through the slower months of June, July and August.  

    If you were not proactive in April building that momentum, there is still time to ramp up May.  Bookings naturally slow in the vacation months which has a trickle down effect on recruiting and sales. Consider strong hostess, client and recruiting specials now!   

    Bookings:  equip your field sales team with the incentives they need to fill their calendars in May and into June with tempting booking incentives like exclusives and extra rewards.  Consider a contest for consultants based on the number of home shows booked and held.

    Sponsoring: Draw new consultants to your company or team with incentives for the new consultant AND incentives for the recruiter.  This double sided promotion will drive the behavior better than one or the other.  Now is the time to sponsor as many people begin to pinch their pennies in preparation for vacation in June and July.  For the majority of the recruiting field, it is either May or wait until the Fall before you will able to bring them on board.  Sluggish recruiting now will result in painful Summer months. It is far better to allocate resources to bring them on board now and spend the Summer helping your new consultants become productive over the Summer.


  • 15 Mar 2016 2:49 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    {Tax Tip Tuesday}

    Direct sellers, don't forget your phone and internet services! You can estimate your business use of your cell phone and internet. Inexperienced preparers may not be aware of this rule and it can cost you thousands.  Here are the rules straight from the IRS!

    A Direct Expense is one that applies to the business area of your home.  An example might be a fax or land line for your business.  These expenses are 100% deductible!

    Indirect Expenses are those required for keeping up and running your
    entire home. Examples:  Insurance, utilities, and general repairs.  These expenses are deductible based on the percentage of your home used for business.

    Make sure you are using a preparer who specializes in Home Based Business.  Internet alone can be thousands of dollars a year.  A failure to claim those expenses can results in thousands of dollars in tax liability!
    Visit our Tax Page for more guidance!

    Happy filing!

  • 06 Feb 2016 2:55 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    Recently, when coaching with a client frustrated with her perceived lack of success, I was struck by an abundance of negative verbiage.  It wasn't her verbiage around life or others, it was her self-descriptive verbiage. As I listened to her describe what she wanted from her business and who she thought she was, it became apparent that there was a huge disconnect.  The person she self identified as simply wasn't capable of that level of success.  I doubted that woman was capable of tying her shoes.  

    After a few minutes in this vein, I asked for her permission to repeated back to her how she described herself.  Her shock at her own words was palpable.  I then asked her what she thought that disorganized, sleep deprived, half crazed mother of three drowning in laundry was capable of in a business capacity.  She quietly murmured, "Probably not much". 

    Of course, the reality is that isn't who she is.  It is what she is currently reinforcing for herself and each time she does she feels more and more worthless.  Those feelings of worthlessness and failure erode personal confidence.  Of course she doesn't have the energy to pick up the phone.  Of course she hides out, insulated from rejection, in electronic media.  As women we are so incredibly hard on ourselves...nitpicking...criticizing...destroying ourselves.  The simple act of self evaluation becomes self sabotage. 

    To help get her back on track, what was her homework for the week?  Was it to fake it until she makes it?  Was it to get on the phone or boot strap it?  No, it was to start talking to herself better... to reinforce her positive skills and abilities and to get a handle on the clutter so she could think.  

    The answer to a business limitation is rarely a business answer.  Lasting success comes from personal growth. That is why nothing replaces the power of personal coaching.  None of us have the ability to step outside our own heads  and be objective about what is holding us back, me included. Our actions are more knee-jerk reactions.  Our perceptions are colored by our fears, prejudices and our programming.   Very rarely do we stop to question the validity of a single thought or a conclusion.  It takes a  third party to help us see where we are holding ourselves back... to question that which we do not.   


    Michelle Archer is a veteran executive in the direct selling industry. Her 25 years of corporate and field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business,  success and direct selling.  She partners with companies and individuals to strengthen the direct selling industry.

  • 03 Dec 2015 11:59 AM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    Anyone who has done any private work with me knows that mantras are a favorite tool.  A great mantra is like gps..reminding you of where you are going and why you are even headed in that direction.  It can be easy to forget the way in this journey called life.  Sometimes a great mantra serves as a reminder that "here" is not forever.  Temporary discomforts, disappointments and fears can overcome us if we are not careful.  Framing the situation gives it perspective.  Perspective often brings peace.

    I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth by any means.  I had a difficult childhood the details of which would no doubt make a salacious Lifetime movie.  Probably a solid reason I despise Lifetime.  In any event, I believe adversity builds character.  I have an abundance and it serves me well in life and in business. Throughout my childhood there were many "character building" experiences.  When I was young I heard the phrase "This too shall pass".   I think my Grandmother may have said it.  My young heart latched on to that phrase and began dreaming of a time that I would be grown.  I dreamt of a time when no one but me would determine my fate.  I dreamt of a time when I would be in control of my situation and my future.  That vision sustained me.

    As a mature woman, I know that control is an illusion.  Life happens as it happens regardless of your plans, your preparation or your outright refusal to acknowledge it.  We do best by settling in and hanging on for the ride.  If we are lucky, we have companions on the journey that ease the trip.  No matter what life serves us...how hard, scary or uncomfortable... it is only temporary.  We lose when we give that temporary situation power over us and our future.

    To brighter days my friends.  Whatever it is...relax...breathe and remember...this too shall pass.


  • 05 Nov 2015 6:36 AM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

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  • 04 Nov 2015 12:20 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    Don't become a startup statistic 2: Brand Story

    Just like a great recipe, there are certain ingredients needed for a successful business.  It takes each of these working in concert to create the "secret sauce".  Today, let's talk about brand story.  Here is the simple fact of launching a company.. people join people.  People do not join companies.  

    The fact that people join people and not companies is a reality that escapes far too many founders with a brick and mortar back ground.  In brick and mortar, people do join companies.  They follow a pay check.  It is very different in the world of direct selling. People here join a movement, a cause, they want a visionary, they want to be part of something larger than themselves.   

    Your brand story is that revolution.  It has to be more than a clever mission statement.  It needs to be the heart of your founder.  It needs to exemplify the passion of your founder.  Your brand story is how you let potential consultants know who your company is.  People can smell a cleverly crafted, marketing driven story from a mile away.  There is lack of depth to it.  This lack of depth fails to speak to people, fails to touch their hearts.  The extra polish marketing gives a story is important but there must be an underlying heartbeat.  

    Brand story is the "heartbeat" that speaks to would be team members.  Nothing is more important to a start-up than recruiting.  Any company grows by drawing new members.  A start-up rises or falls on it's ability to do so. My advice: spend some time on why you began this company.  Distill that down to the change you wish to be in this industry and in this world.  If that seems overly emotionally to you, you may be in the wrong "swimming pool".  This is an industry of heart, passion and emotion.   

    Michelle Archer is a seasoned, veteran executive in the direct selling industry. Her past corporate and field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business,  success and direct selling.  She partners with young companies and individuals through executive coaching and consulting to explode their potential.  

  • 03 Nov 2015 12:18 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    As I work with women both privately and in a corporate capacity,  a core group of problematic behaviors and beliefs emerge.  It doesn't matter what part of the country they come from, their education or background.  The same habits and tendencies hold them back both professionally and personally.   The tendencies are all the more obvious in the life of a direct selling leader.  It is the blessing and the curse of the industry.  The good news is that the first step to changing it is acknowledging it.  This business brings personal growth in a way that few others can.

    1. Focusing on the "Brown" in Life

    Focusing on what is wrong over what is right.  Focusing on what they didn't accomplish or worse... what someone else did.  They spend too much time focusing on those things outside of their circle of influence.  This path leads to frustration and discontent.  Focus on what is working and what can be changed.  The rest is less important than you might think.

    2. Holding on to toxic relationships.  

    Often, people maintain relationships because of the length of the relationship or the nature of that relationship.  They do so even when that relationship is harmful to them personally.  Those relationships continue to poison them robbing them of both success and joy. Be selective who you allow into your inner circle.

    3. Saying yes when we should say no.

    Women often struggle with "No" guilt.  As a result, they say yes to everyone and everything.  The result is exhaustion and mediocrity.  Understand that each time the answer is yes, the answer is also no.  Plates can only hold so much.  Eventually you have to say no.  Unfortunately, it is usually to the important things by default.

    4. Wanting everyone to like us.

    Women, often struggle with self-validation so they turn to external validation for what they need. The gauge of their worth becomes the number of people who approve, like or agree. The lower that number, the lower their worth. Understand that someone will always take exception to the things you do.  They will read their own intention into your thoughts and words.  Speak them anyway.

    5. Super woman syndrome

    Women have an image of perfection and believe that they can do it all, be it all and have it all.  Perfect is an illusion and the pursuit of it robs our joy.  Put down the cape and relax.


  • 02 Nov 2015 12:11 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)


    Over the past several years, I have found myself in a unique niche: start up direct sales companies. In the last 5 years I have helped to launch nearly a dozen. As I work with Direct Sales startups I find one recurring theme, those who invest in training and development grow. Those who do not, become part of the 90% statistic.

    With all of the "musts" like inventory, warehouse space and back office programs, sales training and development programs often take back seat. It is often difficult for a start up company to see their way clear to allocate funds for someone to write training materials and develop sales programs. So many times the very foundation for success is little more than an after thought.

    In an effort to save money, start up companies often duplicate existing materials or seek "boilerplate" options. They end up with "monkey see- monkey do" resources based on a tired methodology. No one would ever "boiler plate" their branding yet many toy with that very idea for the backbone of their sales organization.

    The result is a frustrated sales force and flagging sales. Too often THAT is the point at which companies begin to get serious about sales force development. The reality is, that every company needs programs and materials that are tailored to their brand, product and mission. New companies need a fresh approach in a sea of duplication.

    Build the people and the people will build your business.

    Michelle Archer is a seasoned, veteran executive in the direct selling industry. Her past corporate and  field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business,  success and direct selling.  She partners with young companies and individuals through executive coaching and consulting to explode their potential.   Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/
  • 30 Oct 2015 1:40 PM | Michelle Archer (Administrator)

    Looking for more engagement and results from Facebook events? It's simple, quit "inviting" so many people.  Instead, follow these simple steps.

    1. Hand select people from your list.

    2. Reach out via chat to invite them personally.

    3. Then add them to the event (not a group).

    4. Tag them in a welcome when they join

    The personal outreach helps to build a relationship which is essential in sales.  Tagging them in a welcome lets their friends see that they are going.  It also calls their attention to the event... signaling the algorithms that she wants to see the content.

    The extra effort will show is your participation and sales!  Social media is hard work.  Put the time in.


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